The Tribulations of Bai'Shahoi

Day Three: The Great Goblin Heist

As the group debated on the relative benefits of each of the options open to them, they were met by a half elven Druid by the name of Revan Hawklight. After a few introductions he joined the party and offered the opinion that goblins, being the feral, evil wastrels that they are should be eliminated for the good of the wilderness. Also Dagad the Dwarf expressed amazement that no loot was gleaned from the goblin encounter the last time. With those two ideas in mind, the party headed back to the ruin.

They found the goblins in much the same layout as before. This time they attempted a surprise frontal assault in hopes of being able to enter the former town undetected. When the volley of arrows and slings failed to drop the two outside guards and an alarm was raised, they charged forth to fight the good(?) fight head on.

They were met with great resistance, this time the goblins climbed the walls and threw down hunks of masonry on their heads. The access holes were however taken out of the picture with some quick thinking and stuffing the dead in them.

As the first wave was demolished, a second appeared along with some ground troops from some unknown location. It was then that the party learned that the Druid’s faithful wolf companion was in all likelihood, a better fighter than any two of them combined. Good thing he was on their side!

With the group low on hit points and out of healing spells, they naturally stormed the walls and went in to explore further. What they found was unnerving – many goblin young and females in a defensive posture. But no matter! They are INVINCIBLE!! Press onward! TO THE LOOT! It was then that they discovered that an angry mother goblin was just as dangerous as a soldier. They were stopped up in a hallway on one end and a large room on the other. Female goblins were coming in over the walls, down the halls and that’s when the third wave of male soldiers started to pour in.

Just as things started to look like they were getting bad (Jara unconscious and bleeding out, wolf at 1 hp, thief at 1 hp, Cleric stunned and out of spells) Revan pulls out an Entanglement spell and saves the day by putting a cork in the soldier advancement. It was then that the call was made to retreat and lick their wounds to fight another day. But not before Brother Morgus got in a bow to his god by torching the entangled goblins with oil and fire.

It was up over the wall and run away yet again. This time as before they were not pursued. Was it because all the goblins were dead? Was it because they were regrouping to form a better defense? Was it because they were all scared? Or was it because they were ordered to hold position by their Troll Overlords? Time will most likely tell.

Oh yes. As they were falling asleep safely at camp that night, a loud curse was heard from Dagad as he recalled that no one had attempted to loot a single goblin yet again.



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