The Tribulations of Bai'Shahoi

Day Two: The Deadening

So after a bit of experimentation, the group figured out that the magic glass shard fit into the spindle on the roof of the tower and it opened up an entrance to a earth covered tomb that was built behind the statue. As they approached it, they were met by the latest member of the group, Dagad the somewhat enigmatic dwarf.

After some awkward introductions, the dwarf decided to join the group on at least this adventure and they approached the tomb doors. All the doors inside were sealed with the strange sun symbol. As they delved into the structure, they found a dart trapped hallway they lead to a large burial room. There was a very scary trapped body there who not only let them know that they were trespassing, but it also alerted several skeletons to come and defend the area. This lead to a wonderful heroic leap by Cyril who selflessly dove into the sarcophagus and covered himself with all manner of fungal spores. But in the end, the group prevailed over the (regenerating) skeletons and pressed onward.

The next room was an urn room. Two urns that radiated magic, each with some coin and some dust of some sort. Our intrepid Drow determined that the dust from one of the urns caused uncontrollable fits of sneezing, much to everyone’s entertainment.

As the group moved through the tomb, they kept finding clues that someone was in there before them but left in a hurry. Gloves, a staff, a boot and now a robe were found here and there. There was a pull ring stone set in the floor with the robe caught in it…how odd. At any rate the no nonsense dwarf pulled the ring stone up and revealed a metal ladder descending into the darkness and apparently, some water.

While the adventurers were coming up with a plan, they made enough noise to draw the attention of some residents in the lower level – six zombies to be exact. But using some interesting tactics that could only be described as Scorched Earth, they were removed as a threat. Now the only thing that was potentially harmful was the fetid, black stagnant water and the fungal spores that were everywhere on the level at the bottom of the ladder. But no matter, we couldn’t care less about some potential disease…there’s loot to be found!

So after a bit more exploring it was shown that the entire lowest level was flooded and there was a dead preparation area at the far end after six empty tombs. And here is where they whole story was explained. At some point in the past, two members of the Children of the Sun came down here to create six zombies. The master gave some orders that were very likely not well thought out, resulting in his death and the hastened escape of his cohort. Ghostly images replayed the final confrontation of the two over and over again. How long this has been going on is anyone’s guess.

So with some nice candlesticks, a damaged incense burner and some urns and magic dust, the group made its way out once again. One last encounter with the tower resident unfortunately ended up fatal to him, but happily the group musters on now. To the village, the city or back to the goblins remains to be seen.



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