The Tribulations of Bai'Shahoi

Day One: The Quickening

So on the first day, our intrepid group finds itself forming on the road. Three humans and a drow meet up and decide to adventure together.

After a bit of boredom walking along the tiny trail leading from their home, they happened upon an abandoned horse drawn cart with boxes of cheap pottery inside. As they searched the area, they found drag marks large enough for a horse leading into the bush. With only a little bit of complaining from the Mage, they pressed on to find out what was up.

After a bit, they found what appeared to be an encampment of goblins. Three were hacking a horse to bits while two others stood around with spears. Jara, the Drow Brigand decided to try some diplomacy and called out to them in their native language. A startled “Surrender or die” came the reply, along with spear points. Ah for now the battle was on!

The thief, cleric and brigand approached and attempted some reconnoiter to a limited success. They determined that this was a well dug in location with crawl holes, half ruined buildings to hide in and trapped alleyways. Then came the volleys of rocks over the walls.

Once the numbers were determined in the first building, a sleep spell took down most of the enemy. But then they came from the holes. And kept on coming. Even though the party had the upper hand, they decided that caution was the better part of valor and made a hasty retreat. But on the way out, Jara filled her pack with large hunks of raw bloody horse meat and Brother Morgus, the body of a felled enemy. More to come on both of those later.

As they fled the scene, they were not pursued. This was obviously because the goblins were afraid. Or all dead. Or digging in and gathering more to their numbers. Either or. So camp was made after several hours of running away and as the sun set, Jara was attempting to feed the group with half cooked horse flesh. Brother Morgus offered up the goblin as a burnt sacrifice to his Lord Cthuga and ate the heart of his enemy, so he was full already. Cyril tried some but decided to keep with the rations.

After the first watch was started, a bear came sniffing after the bloody horse meat. It was chased off with the combined efforts of the group despite Brother Morgus trying to tempt the bear by throwing the horse meat upon himself and Jara. But I digress.

Come the morning sun, the group pressed on with Morgus and Jara being particularly odorous. After finding a stagnant pond to wash in and the fortuitous meeting of some amateur tailors, our group once again was clean and fresh as a daisy! Huzzah!

They learned of the village known as Hamar which lies four days to the south. While making their way to it, they passed by a tower that was off road. Exploring the area revealed a statue holding a sun icon, several unmarked graves and the tower at the end of the road. Jara kicked in the front door, which dropped several glass bottles balanced along the top. The five giant rats were then able to gain a surprise attack on her. But again the party prevailed. As they tried to ascend to the second floor of the tower they were stopped by a resident. He appeared to be somewhat of a hermit and he attacked the party after being talked to in a threatening manner.

He proved no match for the group who subdued him and tied him up. A collection of several glass pieces were found in the rubble. Also on the roof of the tower stands a sun icon mounted on a brass staff that can be rotated in a full circle. The mage detected magic from the pile of glass before it was discovered and so now the question is: which piece is magical and what purpose does it serve?

Stay tuned for our next episode!

The Lead In

Post any character back stories you would like to have here. The adventure logs will be forthcoming after the actual first adventure.


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